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Cloud Optimized

Unstructured Data Management Toolset

DNAfabric 2.0 can help solve some of the biggest data management challenges facing media organizations

Is your aging
NAS a ticking

If you have a NAS older than 3 years, your data is vulnerable to hard drive and or RAID related failures!

DNAfabric 2.0 features tools to detect early signs of hardware failure with the ability to backup or migrate to a new storage platform or cloud.

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faster uploads /downloads*


lesser cloud storage and egress costs*


lesser cloud API

What does DNAfabric 2.0 offer?

Preemptive NAS Scanning

By intelligently probing file metadata and data, DNAfabric is able to provide a report to admins helping them catch ransomware before it spreads or detects HW/RAID failure before it disables the entire NAS.

Cost Modeling

The DNAfabric Cloud Cost Modeling tool compares hundreds of cloud providers and tiers across thousands of cost metrics (API, egress, read costs, write costs etc.).
It helps build accurate cost models and enables cost predictability for backup, archive and production workflows in cloud

Storage Analysis

Detailed storage reports for FS and Object storage across multiple metrics including size, age, extension and more.

NAS Object Tape Transfers

A transfer engine that support multiple transfer options like FS to FS, FS to Obj, Obj to FS, Obj to Obj, Obj Tiering, LTO transfers.

Verification Data Fixity

End to end data verification during transfer with post verification checks ensure data stays safe and unmodified.

Snapshots, Stubs, Removal

Integrates into native storage services across FS and Object Storage and takes file snapshots, object snapshots, HTML Stubs

Frame.IO Media Services

Integrates with Frame.IO for efficient asset management, transcoding and general data pipelines.

Avid, Adobe Conform Tools

Supports AAF based archiving from any application that can export AAF files. Supports Adobe production and project based archiving. Supports ALE based retrieves from fs or object targets

Multiway NAS Replication

Integrated and tuned for unstructured and media NAS platforms. Integrates with Avid, Adobe, Davinci and other media applications allowing for simultaneous collaboration across multi-location and cloud deployments.

Indexing, Meta Extraction

Enables a complete file, object and metadata tracking platform.

Cloud Cost Uncertainty

Moving to the cloud can bedaunting. Our cloud cost
tool helps model costs so there are no surprises.


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Faster backup, disaster and ransomware recovery for a major studio


End user wanted to replace multiple point products with a single platform for backup and ransomware recovery.


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