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DNAfabric is a scalable, wide area, data management services platform. It allows organizations with increasingly distributed data footprints to manage their data more securely and effectively.


DNAfabric is powered by a wide area, clustered architecture. A scalable central controller provides management, metadata and analytics services while wide-area data managers provide data visibility and data mobility services. DNAfabric components can be deployed across bare metal, virtual on-premise or cloud instances.

DNAfabric Multi-Node, Scalable Data Management Platform


The DNAfabric controller provides a central point of job and metadata management via a web interface. It manages the central job DB, search noSQL DB and the analytics DB. These databases can be hosted across one or more virtual or physical servers locally or in the cloud. The controller can manage multiple data managers as scale is needed.

Supported Operating Systems
– Linux CentOS 7.x
– Mac (Can run on a Mac host via Virtual Box)


DNAfabric data managers perform the actual tasks to index, analyze (visibility) or sync, move, backup, archive, tier data (mobility). Data managers can be installed across central, on-premise, remote, field or cloud machines.

Data managers maintain no state, communicating with the central controller for job information, reporting metadata and progress. Data managers can be scaled to hundreds of systems as needed.

Supported Operating Systems
– Linux CentOS 7.x+
– Mac OS 10.13+


DNAfabric is licensed on a subscription-based consumption only model. It is licensed by the amount of data moved or indexed tracked on a monthly incremental basis. For further details please contact us for more information.

Supported File-Systems

DNAfabric can connect to, index, use as a source and target multiple open file-systems. These file-systems can be on-premise, remote or cloud.

Cloud File-Systems
Any open NFS/SMB file-system (e.g. Azure Files, AWS, EFS), 3rd party cloud file-systems (e.g.Avid Nexis on Azure, Qumulo, SoftNAS/ZFS)

NFS/SMB, Avid Nexis, Quantum StorNext, Isilon, Qumulo, Facilis, SNS Evo, Scale Logic, Editshare and more.

Removable Media and Drives
Camera cards, HDDs, SSDs

WAN + Cloud Support

DNAfabric works with numerous S3 compliant public and private cloud storage. This includes private storage (e.g. WD Activescale, SpectraLogic BlackPearl), public storage (AWS, Azure, Backblaze). DNAfabric also integrates with UDP acceleration technologies (e.g. Expedat) for data movement across remote sites and cloud servers.

Supported Object Stores

Index, use as a source and target public and private object stores


Supported Object Stores - Multi-tier


Supported Object Stores - Single-tier


Supported Object Stores - Consumer


Supported Object Stores - Private

Features & Description

Multi-Storage Sync & Snapshot
FS to FS
Sync two open file-systems
FS to Object
Sync open file-systems (on-prem/cloud) to private or public object storage
Object to FS
Sync private or public object storage to open file-systems (on-prem/cloud)
Object to Object
Sync private or public object storage to open file-systems (on-prem/cloud)
Sync multiple remote and cloud file-systems via a central object cache
Create snapshots on file-system and object target.
*Snapshots are full files/object snapshots
FS Auto-Mounts
Auto-connect, discover and mount workspaces across supported shared storage (*Includes NFS, CIFS, Avid Nexis, Editshare EFS)
Sync Granularity
Workspace Based
Sync multiple volumes and workspaces to file-system and object targets
Folder Based
Sync multiple folders to file-system and object targets
Avid/Adobe Projects/AAF
Sync Avid bins (avb), Adobe projects (prproj), AAF to file-system and object targets
Multi-Storage Indexing
Index shared storage across on-premise, remote and cloud filesystems
Camera Cards, HDDs
Index camera cards, hard drives, removable media across multiple fields, remote and central locations
Public, Private Object
Index public and private object stores
3rd Party XML/MHL
Index 3rd party XML and MHL (*coming soon)
File-System Search
Global search across file-system extracted metadata
Camera Metadata Search
Global search across 300+ extracted camera metadata formats
Cloud Shared Workspaces
Multi-Way Application Sync
Sync multi-location Avid, Adobe workflows
Locking and Versioning
Sync with bin, project locking and versioning
Tableau Data Pool Analytics
Customizable Analytics
Customizable data pool analytics viewable in Tableau
Multiple Metrics
Analyze data pools across tens of metrics including cost, age, access, creation, deletion, file extension and more
Predictive Views
Understand storage costs across multiple cloud vendors and tiers before uploading data
Soft Quotas
Set soft quotas with alerts across departments, users and more
Tiering & Archiving
HTML Stublinks
Enables reclamation of primary storage via HTML stub files that can also be used by end users for self-service retrievals
Object Tiering
Allows for tiering across multiple hot and cold tiers including AWS Glacier/Glacier Deep and Azure Cold/Archive
Auto Re-hydration
Auto re-hydrates from deep storage, cold tiers
ALE Conforming
Supports ALE based conform retrieves from file-system targets and object targets including deep storage tiers e.g. AWS glacier, Azure Archive
Enterprise Performance
Employs multi-threading for all tasks including indexing and syncing enabling faster analytics and transfers
Parallel Processing
Deploy across multiple nodes for scalable parallel processing of any indexing or syncing tasks
WAN Acceleration
Multi-part uploads, multi-threaded enables faster transfers across sync and transfer jobs
Open Format
Open Data
Mirrors directory, file naming, object naming across all transfers between file-systems and object ensuring 100% open access
Open Metadata
Preserves all metadata in an open XML and JSON database allowing for future access without proprietary lock-ins
Multi-level Security
Metadata, Control Security
All metadata control and centralized management is secured via HTTPS
FS Transfer Security
FS transfers are secured via the FS’s user access credentials
Object Transfer Security
Object transfers are secured and encrypted via the object provider’s keys
Active Directory
Integration with AD enables the same user/group access to DNAfabric workflows
Enterprise/Cloud VPNs
Tested and integrated with cloud VPNs from AWS and Azure
Clustered Architecture
Scalable Control
Built on a scalable metadata and management infrastructure, components can be scaled to enterprise requirements
Scalable Data Managers
Data managers can be scaled as needed across central, remote and cloud deployments
Single Point of Management
Centralized Web UI
Manage jobs, access controls, security via a single pane of glass across multi-site and cloud deployments