Storage Decision Tool

Data Mobility

Data pipes designed to mobilize
multi-site and cloud data.

DNAfabric enables you to build secure, scalable, accelerated data pipes between on-premise, remote,
and cloud storage pools including file-systems, object stores, consumer cloud stores and more.

Data Pipes to Connect All Storage Types

FS to FS Sync Applications

  • Backup, Snapshot FS to another FS
  • Archive Avid/Adobe Projects to Nearline
  • Create an FS Disaster Recovery Copy
  • Stub based Tiering to Nearline
  • Sync FS’s for cross-site collaboration

FS to Object Sync Applications

  • Backup, Snapshot On-Prem/Cloud FS to Object
  • Archive Avid/Adobe Projects to Object
  • Conform via ALE from Object
  • Tier and Archive Across Hot/Cold Object Tiers
  • Stub based Tiering to Object
  • Sync to Object for Cloud Pipelines (Transcoding/Editing)

Object to FS Sync Applications

  • Re-Hydrate any file-system from an Object Store
  • Connect Services on Object (e.g. Transcoding) back to FSs
  • Migrate from Object stores to On-Prem FS

Object to Object Sync/Tier Applications

  • Migrate between Cloud Object stores
  • Tier from Hot to Cool Object stores
  • Migrate Cloud Object stores to On-Prem Object
  • Backup multiple Object stores to single Object store
  • Archive multiple Oject stores to Deep Archive Object stores

FS to LTO/LTFS Applications

  • Backup, Snapshot FS to LTO/LTFS
  • Archive Volumes to LTO/LTFS
  • Backup Camera Cards/HDDs to LTO/LTFS
  • Avid/Adobe Project Archiving to LTO/LTFS
  • Conform via ALE from LTO/LTFS

Enterprise Scalability & Performance


DNAfabric is built on a clustered architecture where management components (web-server, databases) can be scaled as needed. DNAfabric agents can also be scaled to hundreds of systems.


Multi-threaded scanners, indexers and transfer engine paired with multi-node jobs allows for faster mobility and visibility workflows.

Cost Management Tools

DNAfabric’s cost management tools can help you understand and select the appropriate cloud provider and tier.

Once your data is in the cloud, it can help you manage costs in the cloud.


Compare Cloud Vendors and Tiers

DNAfabric analytics tools help you understand costs across multiple cloud tiers and vendors before you upload your data.


View Cost vs Age Maps

DNAfabric analytics highlights cost vs storage age access maps allowing appropriate re-tiering of data.

Security & Access Control

DNAfabric integrates cloud-based security paradigms from AWS, Azure, Google including VPNs, VPCs, AD, secure object stores and more to help you build a highly secure data management platform.

Secure Object Stores

DNAfabric maximizes the use of object stores in data mobility workflows as they provide secure and scalable transfers.

AWS, Azure, Google VPN and VPC

DNAfabric is tested with cloud based VPNs allowing hybrid workflows to be encrypted via a secure cloud VPN.

Active Directory

DNAfabric integrates into Active Directory for user/group authentication across on-premise, cloud and remote workflows.
*Coming Soon