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Tape Services

Tape Services

Tape services provides media-intelligent, large scale data movement that includes comprehensive job automation, workflow smarts (Avid Project, Adobe Project, Conform), advanced Tape tools (Migration, Verification, Duplication, Import) along with massive scalability for large LTO library environments


Manage Large LTO Tape Libraries

Integrates with PB scale libraries enabling entperise scalability.

Media Application Smart

Avid and Adobe Project smarts enables media intelligent parking workflow to and from tape

High Volume

Designed for backing up or archiving multiple TBs daily with automated watch folders and multiple drives.

Tunable & Scalable Performance

Data transfer performance scales as needed powered by a clustered architecture.

Metadata Extraction & Search

Built in metadata extractor for over 200+ camera and file formats enables powerful search and conform tools


Plugs into a powerful analytics and search database that allows for data visualization for improved data management.

Tools To Manage Complex Tape Tasks

Multi-Generation LTO Drive Support

DNAfabric TAPE can support a mixed set of drives (LTO-5 through LTO-8) within a single library for unprecedented flexibility and preservation of investment

Migrating Tapes

Migrate files on your terms, with DNAfabric TAPE’s multi-gen tape-to-tape migration capabilities. This allows you to keep your aging drives useful until you have successfully moved files onto the latest generation LTO tapes

Automated Import, Verification & Duplication

DNAfabric TAPE can be set and scheduled to run secondary checksum verification on tapes according to your needs, in addition to creating duplicates for DR