Metadata Federation via Scanning, Templates, Tagging, Proxies.

Disconnected Metadata

Multiple pools of metadata

Proprietary Metadata

Closed formats, Lock in

Limited Scale

Inability to scale to millions and billions

Scaling to Multiple Sites

Designed for single location use

Key Enterprise



Not budgeted keeping the need of smaller users


Difficult to deploy and maintain

Federates All Metadata

DNAfabric creates a centralized, open database that creates a single source of metadata across all assets and locations.

Native File-System or Object Metadata

User Tagged or AI Generated Metadata

Application & Camera Metadata

(frame rate, location, shoot details, etc.)

(MAM’s, AI services, Transcription, etc.)

(size, checksum, mod time,etc.)

Centralized Metadata Management

Centralized Metadata Repository

Single source of metadata across filesystem, object, application and camera metadata.

Metadata Extraction (+300 formats)

Auto extraction for multiple camera and application formats.

API based Extraction (for MAMs)

API based metadata enrichment for 3rd party applications.

Custom Templates & Tagging

User defined metadata templates and tagging.

Massive Scalability

Designed to handle hundreds of million of assets and billions of metadata elements.

Custom Views

Create custom views across any combination of metadata fields.

Advanced Meta Search

Create advanced search templates across any combination of metadata fields.

Proxy Creation

Integrated proxy creation with seamless uplink to Frame.IO (*other MAMs coming).

Frame.IO Proxies

Integrated proxy and metadata workflow with Frame.IO.