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Unstructured data management (UDM) is a growing challenge. Users are battling this growth with a mis-matched set of tools and scripts.

Our goal is to provide a single, overarching platform with multiple services that comprehensively addresses growing and complex unstructured data management (UDM) tasks.


UDM Connectivity- StorageDNA


Preemptive NAS Scanning
Preemptive NAS Scanning
Snapshot Stubs
Snapshots, Stubs, Removal
Cost Modeling

Frame.IO Media Services
Storage Analysis
Avid, Adobe Conform Tools
NAS Object Tape Transfers
NAS Object Tape Transfers
Multiway NAS Replication
Verification Data Fixity
Indexing Metadata Extraction
Indexing, Meta Extraction

Why Choose us for Unstructured Data Management

Ready for Cloud 

Connectivity to multiple vendors and tiers enables you to match the right provider to the desired workflows

Tools to Predict Costs

Cloud pricing can be daunting and confusing. Our tools can help you model and predict costs precisely

Integrates to Existing Infrastructure 

While built for cloud, DNAfabric provides optimized data management for existing local and remote workflows

Multiple Data Services

Replace multiple point tools with one platform that provides services across backup, archive, collaboration, verification and more

Scalable & Secure

DNAfabric is built on an architecture that is highly scalable and secure designed specifically for cloud deployments

Our Products

DNAfabric Platform 

Cloud optimized, unstructured data management services platform

DNAfabric Cloud Modeler

Cloud storage cost modeling platform with access to hundreds of tiers and providers

DNAevolution Platform 

Open LTFS data archiving platform with open metadata support

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