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DNAevolution is a scalable, high performance tape automation platform. It provides a way to manage large scale backup and archiving to tape. It also features “media workflow smarts” to utilize tape more efficiently.



The DNAevolution Controller provides a central point of job and metadata management via a web interface. It also manages a central database and powerful search tools. A single controller can manage multiple archive managers with an HTTP communication protocol enabling remote deployments.

Supported Operating Systems
– Linux Centos 7.x
– Mac (Can run on a Mac host via Virtual Box)


The DNAevolution Tape Data Manager is responsible for moving data, managing tape drives/libraries and extracting metadata. It reports all data movement tasks, metadata and related tape hardware status to the controller. It additionally receives all job related actions from the controller. Multiple data managers can be setup to seamlessly scale performance.

Supported Operating Systems
– Linux Centos 7.x
– Mac OSX 10.13+
– Ability to mount Windows shares over SMB


DNAevolution TAPE is licensed by controller, number of tape data managers and the size of the LTO library (number of slots) connected to each data manager. Software only or Software + Server bundles are available.
For further details please contact us for more information.


DNAevolution tape managers support StorageDNA bundled LTO libraries (see below) and multiple 3rd party LTO libraries including HP, IBM, Overland-Tandberg, Spectra Logic and Quantum. Standalone or external drives from Mlogic and Magstor are also supported. Software only or Software + Server bundles are available.
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StorageDNA LTO Libraries

Fully bundled software, server and LTO solutions are also available. See the available library models from StorageDNA.

8 Slot Library, Holds 96 TB
Upto 1 x LTO-8 Drive

24 Slot Library, Holds 288 TB
Upto 2 x LTO-8 Drives

48 Slot Library, Holds 576 TB
Upto 2 x LTO-8 Drives

Starts at 32 Slot Library (382 TB)
Starts at 4 x LTO-8 Drives,
Scales to 272 slots (3.2 PB), 21 Drives

Starts at 80 Slot Library (960 TB)
Starts at 6 x LTO-8 Drives,
Scales to 560 slots (6.7 PB), 42 Drives

Feature Highlights

Centralized Web Interface
Ability to control all aspects of the system with a single web interface
Open Data and Metadata
Open Data Format (LTFS)
All data is stored on tape in open LTFS for interoperability and future access
Open Metadata Format (XML)
Preserves all metadata in an open XML format, future proofing your metadata
Store / ArchIve
Workspace / Folder Based
Setup automated watch folders across workspaces or entire SANs for automated pipelines
Avid / Adobe Project Based
Archive at an Avid bin / project or Adobe project level with support for incremental
AAF / XML / EDL Based
Enables sequence based archiving from any application that supports AAF / XML / EDL
Access / Restore
Drag n’ Drop
Allows users to mount and browse a tape like a drive and perform drag n’ drop restore
AAF / XML / EDL Based
Restore a few clips, a bin or all clips in a sequence beyond folder and workspace restores
Ingest, Transcode
Clips can be ingested and transcoded without restores (**)
Metadata Database
200+ File Formats
Plug-in based architecture invokes native extractors for over 200+ files and camera formats
noSQL Engine
Powered by a noSQL database that can scale without upper limits
Browse & Search
Web Browse
A web interface provides a way to view assets from remote systems and locations
File & Clip Views
Browse files, folders and clips via a file-system and clip view interface
Web Search
Search across files, clips and extended camera metadata
Tape Tools
Web Browse
Mix n’ match multiple generations of LTO drives in the same library and partition
Bulk Import
Ability to import and catalog 3rd party LTFS tapes in a full automated manner
Bulk Verification
Ability to setup automated verification of tapes to ensure integrity
Bulk Duplication
Ability to setup automated duplication providing multiple copies for
Automated Migration
Overcomes cross generational migration challenges by enabling automated cross generational migration and repacking tasks
Multi-Mover Scaling
Seamless performance scaling with the ability to add data movers