Smarter Migration Tools

Manage multi-PB migrations across LTO, disk & cloud with advanced tools for pre-migration storage & duplicate analysis.

Problems with current tools:

Migration projects are often managed utilizing home made scripts and tools like rsync and rclone. These tools are not designed for migration.

Lack parallelism for throughput and performance.

No ability to check for duplicates – end up migrating a lot more data.

No ability to verify that source and target are truly mirrored.

Smarter Migration Tools

DNAfabric features tools to help you reliably migrate across file-systems and or object/cloud.

Pre-Check for Malware

Ransomware, malware and hardware probe check analyzes failures before migration

Duplicate Analysis and Removal

De-duplication engine analyzes and removes duplicates before migration helping reduce storage costs

Accelerated, Parallel Transfers
w/ UDP

Accelerates migrations to and from disk, cloud or tape with a combination of UDP, multi-threading and multi-streaming

Independent File Check Post Transfer

Independently check migrations between source and target copies with checksums

Deletion Option Post Transfer

Auto delete files after migration enabling space savings

Configurable Deletion Windows

Setup delayed delete from the source to ensure files are migrated before being deleted

Support for NAS, Cloud, Object, Tape

Migrate across a multitude of storage end points