Cloud Cost Tool

Unstructured data volumes continue to grow. When these data stores need to be on-boarded to cloud for backup, archive or production workflows, cost predictability can often determine if your cloud journey will be successful or a disaster.

Why we built a cloud cost modeling tool?

Determining cloud storage costs accurately is not simple

In the absence of a reliable way to compute costs, users often match the wrong vendor and tier for their data type

Picking the incorrect tier for an incorrect workload can have disastrous cost consequences

With unexpected bills, users often abandon cloud workflows and move back to on-premise storage

The Cost Modeling Platform can help predict costs down to detailed API costs,
enabling users to accurately predict costs and pick the correct tier of storage

How it works

Costs are periodically polled
via public cost APIs

Cloud API

Data is normalized, cleaned and loaded in a NoSQL format. It is then loaded for visualization

DNAfabric Cost
Modeling Platform

Cost models are visualized and displayed in Tableau

Tableau BI

Compare and Predict Storage Costs Across All Major Cloud Providers

The cost modeling platform automatically
polls cloud cost APIs (*) to keep pricing
models updated. It supports numerous
cloud providers, geo-locations and tiers.

Track Multiple Cost Metrics For Accurate Models

Write IO


Read IO

Upload IO

Write Data

Read Data

Most cloud cost models track a limited set of cost dimensions often resulting in unpredictable costs.

The platform additionally tracks numerous cost metrics including upload IO costs, read IO costs, write data costs, read data costs and egress costs.

Model Storage Costs for Backup & Archive


Backup and archive to cloud is
often the first cloud use case.


Selecting the incorrect cloud provider
or tier can have disastrous cost

How we can help

  • Pick a cloud provider and tier that is
    accurately matched to your workload.
  • Provide accurate cost estimates for project
    planning and executive reports.
  • Build feasibility analysis that is better aligned
    to real world costs.

Model Storage Match Production Workloads to The Correct Storage Tier


If you are looking to migrate production workloads to cloud, modeling storage costs with access % is critical to accurate cost modeling.

The cost modeling platform charts costs versus access% giving you the ability to pick the correct tier for your production workloads across hundreds of cloud storage tiers.

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