Sites and Cloud Sync

Tools designed to sync across sites (using UDP) with built in workflows for Avid, Adobe, DaVinci.

Problems with current tools:

Keeping data synced is painful. Current tools include UDP solutions, cloud cli’s and home-grown scripts which are not the best option.

Current tools lack:

Automation, requiring manual uploads.

No application intelligence for Avid, Adobe, DaVinci.

Lack of support across cloud providers.

Sync Sites, and Clouds

DNAfabric features a smart and accelerated sync engine designed to keep multi-site and cloud workflows synced.

Sync NAS and/or Cloud

Sync across multiple remote NAS systems and or cloud-based systems including Avid | Edit On Demand

Sync for media workspaces

Sync media workspaces across multiple sites, NAS and cloud with protection from overwrites​

Sync for bins, projects

Sync bins and projects across Avid, Adobe and other applications enabled multi location and cloud workflows

Designed for apps
(Avid, Adobe, DaVinci)

Works across Avid, Adobe and Da Vinci applications enabled multisite workflows

Fully automated, Requires no user intervention

Automated syncs across media and bins with no manual intervention needed

Compatible with Avid EOD

Works with cloud infrastructures including Avid | Edit On Demand

Accelerated and Secure

Accelerated sync with UDP acceleration and multi point security