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Groundbreaking LTO LTFS Nearline and Archive

Linear Tape-Open (LTO) with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) archiving technology is the most cost-effective and reliable long-term storage option for the immense amounts of file-based content generated by professional media pipelines. This archive medium plays a critical role in managing explosive data growth.

DNAevolution combines nearline and archive storage directly on LTO tape to offer a dramatically more cost-effective infrastructure, with speeds dramatically faster than network-based solutions.

DNAevolution, designed to leverage the advantages of LTFS, maximizes its “direct access” ability while providing digital workflows never before available. Engineered for media environments, it delivers the fastest data movement, search, restore, and access of your digital file-based content.

With DNAevolution, you can streamline your media pipeline and build a more cost-effective, scalable, searchable, and secure archive.

Manage Data on LTO LTFS
Manage large amounts of file-based data from the field, to post, to final archive, and easily archive, extract, search, restore, access, and analyze media on LTO.
Accelerate Media Workflows
Revolutionary “Smart” technology integrates seamlessly into post production workflows and applications and delivers faster, simpler, and more reliable workflows to save time and costs.
Build Faster Media Pipelines
Direct-connect architecture and high-performance data movers tuned for large media files and media storage deployments deliver the fastest possible archive and restore speeds.
Ensure Secure, Healthy, Error-free Data
The 100% verification process keeps your media safe healthy, and accessible today and in the future.
Harness the Robust Built-in Archive Asset Manager
Quickly and accurately locate data to repurpose and monetize via the integrated archive asset manager, with metadata tagging and powerful global search.
Scale Easily as You Grow
Start small and scale easily to Petabyte-scale storage environments, with DNAevolution’s clustered architecture.

DNAevolution’s innovative technology is purpose-built for professional media environments, delivering unmatched performance and workflows to help accelerate media pipelines.

Advanced Features and Workflows

Integrated Archive Asset Manager with Smart Search

  • Web-based Archive Asset Manager, with support formore than 180 file and format types
  • Powerful global Smart Search
  • Embedded HTML-5 player for low-res preview viewing
  • Time-based logging and tags

Smart Conform

  • Unique LTO conform engine simplifies lo-res/hi-res workflows
  • Only solution capable of conforming high-resolution media directly from LTO tape
  • Format support for any conform workflow
  • Reduces time-consuming manual conform processes


Extreme Performance
Direct-connect transfers use high-speed interconnects like Fibre Channel and SAS, avoiding slower network data movement
Provides highest available performance across both small and large file sizes

“Because of its advanced technologies, DNAevolution is a nearline repository. Users can browse proxies, directly access files from LTO tape for operations like partial restores, have built-in media asset management functionality, and get fast access to and from the archive. Ultimately, we will continue to have great success with DNAevolution for customers who need secure, accessible, and usable archives.”


– Joe Kelly, General Manager, DAMsmart