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Different ways to archive via the largest selection of workflows
Avid, Adobe Project Archiving Select and archive entire Avid ®, Adobe ® projects; intelligent collection of all media and metadata (including AMA linked media, native Avid media, graphics etc.); NOTE: effects not yet rendered are archived as part of Avid bin file(avb)
Avid, Adobe Project Backup
and DR
Intelligently monitors Avid and Adobe projects and performs incremental backups for purposes of disaster recovery
Folder-based Archiving Archive folders via a simple Web interface designed to help you quickly archive camera media, removable drives and other folder-based sources
Drag ‘n’ Drop Archiving Setup automated drop folders on your existing SAN or storage for high-speed, drag ‘n’ drop archiving
Policy-based Archiving Setup archiving on folders and workspaces based on automated policies, such as time, size or access
AAF/XML/EDL Archiving Archive media files connected to projects, bins, and sequences via AAF/XML /EDL
Third-party Archiving Archive via the CatDV, Avid ® Interplay ® interface, with the ability to connect to other third-party applications
Options and flexibility to search and find the content you need
Global Search Search all archives across file metadata, camera metadata, and user tagged metadata
Filename Search Search across all basic properties, such as file names, extension or tape id
Clip Search Search across automatically extracted clip names, such as P2 clips, and Avid Op Atom
Extended Search Search across all extracted metadata fields, (see the “Metadata Management” section)
Web File-system Browse Browse your entire archive via the Web interface, even if tapes are not online
Web Low-res Previews Play previews and proxies via the Web interface, (HTML-5 supported previews require a third-party transcoder)
Cue Points Add metadata to timeline and search with global search tools
Range Markers Add metadata to ranges in the timeline and search with global search tools


Maximum flexibility to get your data back
Web Restore Restore files and folders simply by browsing, searching, and selecting via the Web
AAF/XML Restore Restore offine bins, sequences, and projects by restoring via AAF/XML/EDL, (requires the AAF/XML to be generated with the media online; must be generated before archiving and media removal)
Third-party Restore Restore via CatDV, Avid Interplay interface, with the ability to connect to other third-party applications
Conform Enables conform of high-resolution clips by specifying a low-resolution AAF/XML/EDL
Deployments and software designed for maximum performance
Direct-connect Transfers High-speed, non-network transfers are enabled by connecting source storage directly to LTO tape
Media Data Movers All transfers are performed by media-tuned data movers rather than Finder ® , Windows ® Explorer
Intelligent Scanning with
Delta Differencing
Media mover intelligently monitors existing workspaces and ingest folders–only archives or restores new and changed content
File-system Character
Map illegal and incompatible filenames between client file systems and LTFS for smooth archive and restores
File and Folder Filters Setup include and exclude file and folder lists
IOPS Limiting ALimit the number of IO requests sent to the shared storage system
Designed and tuned for media SAN and NAS storage (e.g., Avid ISIS, Facilis, Isilon) for the fastest data transfers with custom tunable parameters
Advanced extraction, indexing, and search engine
Extraction Plug-ins Architecture allows for third-party plug-ins for extracting all metadata from archived data into XML key value pairs
Unlimited Metadata Fields No limit on the number of metadata fields that can be extracted
No File Count Limits No limit on the number of files that can be managed
NoSQL Metadata Store Advanced NoSQL metadata store enables massive scalability and high speed search queries
Advanced features to help you more reliably access and manage LTO media
Tape Spanning Automatically spans data sets across tapes, ( individual files are not spanned)
Tape Grouping Assign tapes to archives to prevent accidental overwrites
Tape and File Checksum Automatically maintains a running checksum of every block, file, and tape during the archive process
Tape Verification Enables automated and manual tape verification that performs multiple checks, (ltfs checks, per file checks), ensuring data consistency for long-term protection
Tape Duplication Allows automated tape duplication for multiple copies
Tape Log Notes Add log notes per tape for better tracking when offine
A single point of control for your entire environment
Browser Interface Manage all aspects of the system by browser from any network-enabled system
Email Alerts Setup email alerts for failed transfers, warnings, and other system events
User Access (Machines) Limit access to archive managers based on user and group access
User Access (Folders) Further limit access by enforcing folder access controls based on users and groups
User Group Access Assign users to groups for wider access controls
Previews Management Automatically indexes any network share that is hosting previews
Backup Management Backs up the entire metadata catalog to a configured network share
Web Monitoring Access all system health, monitoring, and error logs via the Web interface
System Stats Web-based monitoring of servers for easy diagnosis of system resources
Remote Support Tools Tools to help partners and support personnel to easily login and quickly debug system issues
Easy scaling to unlimited data movers; maintain a single point of control
Central Controller Central controller provides a single point of management and metadata indexing for multiple data movers, (Archive Managers)
Archive Manager Clustering Ability to add Archive Managers, or LTO archiving stations, and cluster them together for a single point of management
Truly open architecture enables open data, open metadata, and open storage access
Open Data via LTFS Preserves all data in its native format, (files and directories), and uses the open LTFS format on LTO tape media
Open Metadata via XML All metadata is extracted and preserved in an open XML file-system
Open Storage Access Interfaces via open file-system enabling archiving and restore workflows from any open SAN, NAS or storage system

DNAevolution Series X and N: Include hardware server hosting the DNAevolution Controller (Linux) and a DNAevolution Archive Manager (optional)


DNAevolution Controller Software (Linux ®): Comes prepackaged with all hardware
DNAevolution Archive Manager Software (Linux ®): Comes prepackaged with all hardware


For more information about DNAevolution product models: