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for Avid Environments

High performance archive and restore for Avid® Interplay® Access and Avid® Media Composer®

With DNAevolution, StorageDNA offers a highly cost-effective and well-integrated archive option for Avid Interplay. Previously, the archive component was cost-prohibitive, but DNAevolution now enables a greater number of our Avid customers to deploy Avid Interplay. The affordable support, tight integration and performance make this the obvious choice for any Interplay deployment.


– Mike Halbrook,President,TM Television

Archive/Restore from Avid Interplay
Archive and restore from Avid ® Interplay ® Access and Avid ® Media Composer ®
Cost-effective LTO/LTFS Medium
Uses LTO and LTFS ensuring long-term, open access to your hi-res media
Web Services-based Integration
Simple, cost-effective integration via Web Services – does not require Interplay Archive database or Transfer Manager
High-performance Avid ISIS Deployment
Advanced Avid ® ISIS ® deployment ensures background operation without disrupting editorial tasks
Streamline Online-Offline Workflows
Reduce complexity and storage costs with Smart Conform LTO for Avid environments, allowing conforms directly from LTO tape
Powerful Archive Asset Manager
Integrated Archive Asset Manager offers web-based browsing and search of Avid assets and more than 170 other media formats
Sample Performance Deployment: Avid Interplay, DNAevolution

Archive and Restore via Avid Interplay Access and Media Composer

  • DNAevolution can monitor any folder within Avid Interplay via Web Services. An admin can turn any folder in Interplay into a “watch folder” for archive or restores.
  • To archive: New or updated elements, such as master clips, sub clips, and sequences, are automatically identified and archived to LTO. DNAevolution’s intelligent delta incremental algorithm enables identification and archiving of only new media files. This means that even though multiple clips can access the same media, the underlying media files will be archived only once. When archiving to LTO is completed, DNAevolution can optionally update user metadata fields within Interplay, such as LTO tape serial and location.

  • Archive and restores can be monitored via a Web-based interface that provides up-to-date progress information.
  • To restore: DNAevolution enables a simple restore process for Interplay. An end user or admin can use Interplay Access or Media Composer to restore elements. Similar to archiving, DNAevolution can monitor any Interplay folder for restores via the Avid Web Services API. It detects the elements that need to be restored, performs a search of the mobIDs in the DNAevolution.

System Requirements

  • Avid Interplay + Avid Interplay Web Services + Avid Unity™ ISIS ® /NEXIS