Storage Decision Tool

Data Visibility

Big Data Visualization Meets Data Management

DNA fabric’s Data Visibility services is a data visualization toolset designed for C-level executives and heads of departments enabling real time tracking of data for improved provisioning, utilization, spending and protection.

Beyond Current Analytics Tools

Current tools attempt at providing insights via IT style directory and utilization statistics. While these measures are “good enough” for basic enforcement, they provide no real insights into how data is used, protected and scaled.


Data Visibility Services


Project & Dept Utilization

Get detailed stats and charts by project, user or department across all locations.

Storage Visualization

Visualize data across disk, cloud, hard drives and tape with ability to track spending and growth.

Data Growth Tracking

Track data growth and deletion across projects, users and departments enabling accountability.

Duplication Graphs

Live graphs report user and departments duplication and storage utilization efficiency rates.

Protection Charts

Local and remote replication graphs provide up-to-date feedback on protection status.

SLA Filtering

Set and monitor data protection and access SLAs based on business rules and practices.