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DNAfabric: Tape Migration

Why Migrate to latest general LTO?

New LTO generations bring a balance of cost, performance and density to LTO storage. Not only do they offer dramatic improvements over older LTO generations, they present a tipping point in the cost/performance balance traditionally offered by hard drives. Current LTO generation:

Blazing Performance: 300 MB/s | Incredible Capacity: 12TB | Lowest Cost/GB: <$.01

Why DNAfabric?

The latest generation of DNAfabric is designed to harness the increased speeds of newer generation LTO to better meet the data management challenges faced by today’s media professionals. DNAfabric helps users cope with the massive amounts of RAW and Post Production content, while future-proofing aging LTO archives.

Built for Latest generation LTO (>LTO-7)

LTO’s current drive performance makes traditional HSM’s a performance bottleneck.
DNAfabric’s unique Direct Connect architecture eliminates the need for disk cache, enabling full LTO speeds.
DNAfabric extracts metadata from 180+ files and format types, enabling unique restore and conform workflows.
Built-in project and bin archiving for both Adobe and Avid environments.
Unmatched ability to perform lo-res to hi-res conform workflows in conjunction with either Avid or Adobe editorial applications.

The Migration Tool

Provides easy, automated copying of files from previous generations of LTO.
Advanced error-checking and reporting are provided in preparation of the migration process.
Tape to tape migration occurs without any restore process required, including automatic re-packing of files.
All migrated files are checksum verified, safely storing checksum and file info for future reference.
Native metadata extraction occurs during migration, allowing extended web-based search capabilities of migrated content.
The Case to Migrate Your Tape Data Content

With the rapid growth of digital content, IT storage managers need to make data and content available while controlling costs and making it easier to manage. This allows for informed and economically sound workflow decision making.

LTO Technology Roadmap – Robust Enhancements, Capacity and Speed

The latest generations of LTO support up to 12TB native cartridge capacity and 300MB per second native data transfer rate. That’s over 1TB of native backup speed per drive per hour. Latest generation cartridges store up to 8 times more than older generation cartridges. In addition, the drive speeds are twice that of older drives.

Migration – Now is the Time to Save and Protect

With a disk pool, as content becomes less active, the original copy and iterations can be migrated to a tape archive for long-term storage and protection. Utilizing this strategy helps organizations free up disk space and manages costs (LTO tape costs about $.01 / GB) while keeping data preserved and secure. Migrating from one generation of LTO technology to a more current generation can yield significant benefits. For example: If currently using LTO Gen-5, moving to latest generation can provide:

Reduced Space and Handling
Recover up to 8 times the space used to store cartridges. And, with fewer cartridges there can be less tape handling and less offsite storage costs.

Conserved Library Costs
Fewer cartridges mean library slots can be reclaimed and fewer expansion frames may be needed.

Secured Data Assets
LTO technology supports hardware encryption to protect sensitive information and the costs associated with a breach. Being that a tape cartridge can be offline, helps in a cyber-attack as well.

Enhanced Job Production
New LTO drives have more than twice the speed of old LTO drives helping to improve job productivity making information more readily available.

Easy Migration
New generation drives can typically read back two generations* and write back one generation helping to ease the implementation process and protect storage investments


DNAfabric and LTO Technology – Easy to Use and Manage Digital Content

LTO-5 technology and above supports the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) which makes viewing and accessing tape content easier than ever before. DNAfabric is an intelligent archive engine that utilizes LTO and LTFS technologies to help protect valuable file-based content, make it readily available and easy to manage.

*LTO-8 supports 1 generation reading 1 generation back to LTO-7 due to technical limitation outlined here: