Storage Decision Tool


WHAT IS DNAfabric?

DNAfabric is a data management services platform. Unlike traditional data management solutions that are monolithic, complex to deploy and provide a limited set of workflows, DNAfabric is designed to provide data services across numerous workflows (Analytics, Backup, Archive, Collaboration) and a multitude of storage end points (Hard drives, NAS, SAN, Object, Cloud, WAN and Tape), all delivered in a simple to deploy architecture.

Multiple Data Services
Non Disruptive Deployment
Seamless Scalability


Data Visibility

DNAfabric’s Data Visibility services is a new way to visualize your data. While current attempts at data insight include simplistic IT charts, DNAfabric uses Big Data visualization tools paired with highly customizable charts that can provide deep insights to C-level management and heads of department.

Data Mobility

DNAfabric’s Data Mobility services is a data movement toolset that is configurable across a number of workflows and storage tiers. Rather than limit data mobility to backup and archive, DNAfabric’s toolset can be flexibly used for a number of workflows and tasks.


Multiple Data Services

Provides a host of services (copy, sync, backup, archive, collaboration) to help manage growing data

Multiple Storage Targets

Integrates across disk, tape, WAN, cloud enabling storage adoption flexibility

NO Rip n Replace

Seamless deployment enhances data management initiatives without disrupting existing workflows

Flexible Workflows

Provides IT and Media smart data management tools and workflows

Simple Deployment

Deploys on remote sites as well as large central facilities with ease

Subscription or CapEx

Ability to chose a subscription or CapEX model simplifies adoption