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Avid Nexis Migration: Top Challenges, Solutions & Tools

Avid Nexis Migration: Top Challenges, Solutions & Tools
March 19, 2020 CDS Team
Migration to Avid Nexis - Challenges and Solution

Avid Nexis is known for its performance, reliability, and scalability. For any media production team, it is a great option. However, migrating from your current platform to Avid Nexis can come with a lot of challenges. 

While Avid provides a free Avid Nexis migration tool and numerous other open-source/desktop technologies (e.g. rsync, chronosync) are used for migrating to Avid Nexis storage, the following are some of the key challenges encountered.


Mounting Tens (Maybe Hundreds) of Volumes/Workspaces


Mounting Tens of Volumes Workspaces - avid nexis migration tool


With Other Solutions

With DNAfabric

Users have to manually mount tens, maybe hundreds of workspaces. Any operator error will result in applications not relinking and finding the correct media. Automated scripts can query Avid Nexis via its SDK enabling auto-mounting of source and target Nexis volumes minimizing operator error.


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Minimizing Time for Migration – Avid Nexis Migration


Minimizing time for migration - avid nexis data migration utility


With Other Solutions

With DNAfabric

Single-threaded readers and writers can slow down the migration process often stretching into days or maybe weeks. Multi-threaded, multi-process readers and writers can accelerate transfers from any 3rd party storage or Avid ISIS to target Avid Nexis volumes.


Minimizing Downtime for Creatives and Other Users 


Minimize downtime - Avid nexis migration


With Other Solutions

With DNAfabric

Without incremental sync, users need to completely stop active access to both the old storage and new Nexis storage until all changes are synced resulting in considerable downtime. Incremental sync allows for changes to be synchronized as editors and creatives are working on source storage up until admins are ready to switch over resulting in minimal to no downtime.


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Relinking After Migration – Avid Nexis Migration


Relinking after migration - data migration utility


With Other Solutions

With DNAfabric

Without workspace mirroring, users have to manually relink projects and applications. This process can be painstaking and result in considerable downtime. Mirrors directories, files and workspace names ensuring applications seamlessly relink after migration.


Though it seems like a complex process to migrate your shared storage, DNAfabric can simplify and accelerate the process.

Contact us today to get a free demo and let us show you how easy it is.


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