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StorageDNA is proud to announce DNAfabric. In the world of astronomical data growth, distributed data pipelines, and growing storage options, DNAfabric is a new way to look at large scale data management.

November 5, 2018 Shyama Warrier

StorageDNA is proud to announce DNAfabric. In the world of astronomical data growth, distributed data pipelines, and growing storage options, DNAfabric is a new way to look at large scale data management.

The Challenge

Growing Assets, Numerous Storage Options

The quantity of data continues to grow. Additionally, this growth is not across a homogenous and managed storage environment. Instead, users are grappling with a number of storage options from field hard drives, LTO tapes, Nearline storage, primary storage and cloud. This is resulting in an unmanaged storage environment.

Ad-Hoc Data Management Tools

To manage the data growth across a diverse set of storage options, end users are deploying data management tools on a more ad-hoc basis. For example, users in the field are deploying offload utilities for camera card offloads. In Post, they are using backup tools for their primary storage. Yet another set of tools is being deployed for remote transfers and cloud uploads. This is resulting in environments that have numerous unmanaged tools.

Unmanaged and Un-Secured Processes

The above is resulting in data environment that is largely unmanaged and poorly secured. Numerous databases, lack of accountability, poor reporting and statistics are some of the characteristic traits of any environment today.


  • DNAfabric is a software solution that offers a number of data management tools under one scalable, managed platform.
  • DNA fabric provides these tools across any open storage:
    • Disk storage (removable drives, camera cards, primary storage, nearline storage)
    • Tape storage (LTO LTFS tape, field created LTFS tapes, 3rd party LTFS tapes)
    • WAN storage (Acrosss multiple sites and locations, including field and remote offices)
    • Cloud storage (Across numerous public – AWS, Azure, Backblaze and private – HGST, Cloudian, Scality cloud providers and more)
  • As a simple subscription service.
DNAfabric: Data Mover Toolset

Data Mover Toolset

The DNAfabric Data Mover toolset provides a comprehensive way to copy files, folders, bins or projects. These can be copied locally or across remote sites and cloud. Key highlights include:

  • Local Disk Copy: High performance local copy tool to accelerate card offloads, local disk to disk copies and any large scale data movement.
  • WAN Copy: WAN acceleration allows for copies to be performed across remote sites using the same interface.
  • Cloud Copy: Multi-part upload with multi-threading enables accelerated cloud copy for copying data to private and public cloud storage.
  • Tape Copy: Folder and projects can be copied to tape targets as well.
  • Folder or Projects/Bins: Enables folder-based copies. Also supports entire projects or bins (Avid, Adobe) over local storage tiers, remote WAN links or to cloud storage.
  • Secured & Tracked: All transfers are secured and tracked with user/group access controls and logs.
DNAfabric: Data Backup & DR Toolset

Data Backup & DR Toolset

The DNAfabric Data Backup & DR toolset provides a tool to automate local and remote backup and DR (Disaster Recovery). It is flexible in enabling local, WAN or cloud based backup and DR strategies. Key highlights include:

  • Local Backup/DR: Enables disk to disk backups between any open storage platforms E.g. backups from one Avid Nexis to another, backups from Avid Nexis to SNS or Scale Logic or any combination of storage.
  • WAN Backup/DR: Backups can be enabled across remote locations via UDP acceleration. This enables remote site DR copies.
  • Cloud Backup/DR: Setup backups to cloud (public or private) for easy secondary copies of data.
  • Tape Backup/DR: Use tape as a target for low cost backups or DR (send tapes offsite).
  • Folder/Workspace/Project: Setup backups at a folder, workspace or project (Avid, Adobe) level.
  • Failover: Media workspace intelligence enables DR ready mirroring for editorial environments (Avid/Adobe/Davinci/FCP), where DR workspaces can be re-mounted for failover without application changes.
DNAfabric: Data Migration, Tiering & Archiving Toolset

Data Migration, Tiering & Archiving Toolset

The DNAfabric Data Migration, Tiering & Archiving toolset provides a tool copy folders and projects for the purposes of non-disruptively migrating to newer storage, tiering projects (or bins) across more cost effective storage or copying finished projects to colder storage tiers for archiving. Key highlights include:

  • Migrate, Archive or Tier: Enables seamless migration to newer storage. Enables tiering of bins/projects across online, Nearline and archive to disk, tape or cloud.
  • Use Heterogeneous Storage (Disk, Tape, WAN, Cloud): Supports migration, tiering and archiving across different disk vendors or across different tiers of storage (disk, tape, WAN or cloud).
  • Tier Folder, Projects or Bins: Operate at a folder level or more intelligently across bins and complete projects.
DNAfabric: Data Indexing & Discovery Toolset

Data Indexing & Discovery Toolset

The DNAfabric Data Indexing & Discovery toolset provides a tool to rapidly index all storage (disk, tape, wan, cloud) across all locations. Key highlights include:

  • Index Any Storage: Rapidly index removable hard drives, online storage, nearline storage, tape (3rd party LTFS) and cloud.
  • Across Multiple Locations: Deploy indexers across local, cloud and remote sites (including field location).
  • File, Checksums and Camera Metadata: Indexer is unique in its ability to extract file-system metadata, compute checksums or extract rich camera metadata from over 300+ camera formats.
  • Scalable Database: All metadata is stored in a scalable noSQL database.
DNAfabric: Data Search Toolset

Data Search Toolset

The DNAfabric Data Search toolset provides a global search tool across all storage tiers. Key highlights include:

  • Global Browse and Search: Via a web interface, browse all data across all storage and locations.
  • Search File-system or Camera Metadata: Rich search tools allows location of files and clips based on native camera metadata or file-system metadata searches.
  • Search via ALE, EDL: Locate assets for conform, grading, re-purposing by exporting ALE/EDL from post production
DNAfabric: Data Analytics Toolset

Data Analytics Toolset

Powered by a first of its kind Data Analytics & Visualization engine, DNAfabric’s Data Analytic Toolset unlocks valuable insights that plugins to a powerful data action toolset to provide a powerful data management platform. Key highlights include:

  • Beyond Simple Graphs & Reports: Numerous tools offer basic levels (folder sizes, file extension sizes etc.) of reporting and storage analytics. DNAfabric’s Data Anayltics Engine is powered by a 3rd party big data analytics toolset that provides users with detailed views and insights never been available before.
  • Live Link: DNAfabric’s data indexer creates a live link to the Data Anayltics framework enabling data to be updated live for up-to-date analytics and intelligence.
  • Actionable Intelligence: DNAfabric has hooks back from the Data Analytics engine to the other tools (Data Mover, Data Backup, Data Archive, Data Tiering) enabling the user to take action based on analytics.

DNAfabric is poised to change how data is managed across Media pipelines. We are excited to share this technology with you in the near future.

For more information about DNAfabric, please CONTACT US here.
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